NBA Certified Sports Agent

  • MME specializes in the procurement of employment and endorsement opportunities for perspective clients. For a professional athlete obtaining your contract and subsequent endorsements will be the initial steps of beginning your career. MME will work directly with you to market your services and procure a contract for your employment. You can expect to be able to work directly with your agent and speak with him as often as needed.

Professional Career Development

  • MME is here to support your transition from college or prep school to your professional career. We will help you manage your time and the other nuances that will help you be successful in your new career. We prepare our clients to perform well on the court and represent yourself well off the court.

Professional Image Development

  • Moore Management and Entertainment, LLC will help you develop and shape your professional image. Services include media and public relations training; disposition training; and brand development.Every new professional athlete has a unique opportunity to develop a brand identity. Have you heard the expression it only takes a moment to make a lasting impression? Well, it is true and your brand identity as a professional athlete will be repeatedly communicated, in multiple ways with frequency and consistency throughout your career and the rest of your life. MME will sit down with you at the onset of your career and help you explore how you want to be known and what legacy you want to leave behind. This will be the basis for developing a solid image and identity that will help you begin building your legacy before your first day on the professional court or field.

Specialized Skills Training

  • Physical and Mental endurance and strength is important for any athlete to play on the professional level. MME will provide certified sports specific training to our clients.

Business Consulting & Financial Planning Services

  • In conjunction with the Brown Group, LLC. setting your financial affairs in order is important at the onset of your career. Through our partnership with the Brown Group, we will help you find out some of the financial nuggets that will help you maximize your financial picture and plan for your future.

Legal Consulting Services

  • Through David Silverman, Esq. Sherman Silverstein Attorneys at Law (

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