shayla-2Shayla M. Prince manages the day to day operations for Moore Management and Entertainment, LLC. She has more than 10 years experience managing high-profile events and public relations. She began her career as the Director of Event Management and Media Relations for Crossover Promotions, managing the day to day operations of the business. Following her time there she joined the professional faculty at a local institution managing events for the office of the President and VP for University Advancement. Her experiences included managing fundraising events and ceremonial occasions including commencement.

Shayla’s professional experiences in public relations and image development bring strength to the quality of service that MME provides its clients. Shayla’s knowledge of the inner workings of the professional sports arena will be instrumental in helping athletes develop their image and brand. She has an honest no-nonsense approach that helps her build relationships with athletes and families quickly and easily.

Shayla holds a Masters in Public Administration and currently manages Marketing and Community Relations in Norfolk, VA.

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